Website design for an electronic newspaper

Website design for an electronic newspaper

If you have a specific idea for a news site and want to implement it, we offer news and web design services with great features and different packages Designing your newspaper or magazine website, whether it is a big or a big one, is the first important step in enhancing your presence among competitors. Creating a news site has become a necessity for increasing and enriching Arabic content, so we can make your brand a success by providing website design offers for all categories.

Features of electronic newspaper design

تصميم مجلو الكترونية او صحيفة الكترونية او تصميم موقع اخبارى بشكل احترافي

Professional and distinctive design

Design your store professionally and distinguished and the colors are modern and suitable with the activity of the site.

تصميم وتكويد الموقع بحيث يظهر موقعكم من خلال الجوال بطريقة بسيطة وسهلة

Responsive site design

The site is designed and coined to show your site through mobile in a simple and easy to browse for mobile devices, which helps to browse the site from everywhere and at all times

معرض للصور لموقعك الاخبارى

Photo Gallery

A photo gallery showing pictures of the newspaper and its activity in the form of animated pictures of the latest news in the newspaper

شريط الاخبار العاجلة في هذا الشريط تظهر الاخبار الهامة

Latest News Bar

The urgent news in this tape shows the important news and urgent and you can through the management panel to control the emergence of the news in the bar urgent with the possibility of the emergence of the bar of the flash or not the appearance of the foundation

معلومات الخبر خاصية داخل عرض الأخبار تحتوى تفاصيل الخبر


This is a feature within the news display, which contains the details of each news on the number of views, comments, news writer, the date of adding the news and the printing link, and sending the news to a friend and his participation in the communication sites.

التعليق على الأخبار من قبل الزوار من خلال الموقع وارسال تعليق

Comment on the news

The ability to comment on news by visitors through the site and to send a comment without the presence of the commenter’s e-mail

اضافة جميع وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي للصحف الالكترونية

Social media

Add all social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube … etc.

مراعاة تهيئة الموقع لمحركات البحث وضبط الاكواد الخاصة بالموقع الاخبارى

Consider SEO and CSS

Are considered in the design and programming to be more visible in the global search engines, taking into account also that your site is light in loading and fast in the browsing using modern methods and advanced cutting and installation.

امكانية عمل أقسام بعدد غير محدود لموقعك الاخبارى

Unlimited Articles

Through the control panel you can add unlimited news sections and you can also control their appearance on the home page and arrange economic news, sports news and general news.

معرض الفيديوهات يمكنك من خلال لوحة التحكم رفع الفيديوهات الخاصة بكل خبر

Video Gallery

Through the control panel, the videos of each story can be uploaded and downloaded by visitors and users.

يمكنك عند اضافة اى خبر اضافة الكلمات الدلالية الخاصة بها او الكلمات المتعلقه بالبحث مما يساعد فى ارشفة الخبر


When you add any news, you can add your own tags or related words, which helps to archive the news on global search sites, increase your visibility and attract more visitors.

تصميم بنرات اعلانية بشكل مميز ووضعها في أماكن متفرقة بالصحيفة الالكترونية

Advertising banners

Advertising banners are designed in a distinctive way and placed in different places in the newspaper to attract attention and use them in advertisements.

اضافة عداد الزوار لمعرفة عدد الزوار المتواجدين بالموقع الإلكترونى

Visitors Counter

Add visitor counter to find out how many visitors are on the site and how to show and hide the site.

حجز دومين من اختيارك باسم صحيفتك او مجلتك الإلكترونية

Register Domain Name

choice your domain name of your newspaper, and the possibility of booking the domain in Arabic for easy archiving.

حجز مساحة استضافة تتناسب مع الصحيفة الإلكترونية


register suitable hosting space for the newspaper so that you can upload pictures, videos and enter the largest number of users.

Why choose an organization Eltamiuz to take responsibility for designing your news site?

Because the Foundation of Excellence is designing and programming the news sites with the latest programming languages and modern technologies and commensurate with the capabilities of its customers talk leaders of the management of news sites, and professional ways in the design of news sites distinctive, and also features a design sites compatible with all browsers and screens of all sizes, Compatible and search engine friendly, as well as a simple control panel in the deal, to provide the client time and money, which enables our customers to use the sites easily and the possibility of adding or changing any content of the news site easily.

تصميم موقعك الاخباري مع شركة ومؤسسة التميز

electronic newspaper design Offers

Start1000 SR

  • Arabic language site
  • Arabic Control Panel
  • Compatible with mobile
  • 2 GB Hosting
  • Domain
  • 5 Emails

Medium1500 SR

  • Arabic language site
  • Arabic Control Panel
  • Compatible with mobile
  • 5 GB Hosting
  • Domain
  • 10 Emails

Professional2500 SR

  • Website in Arabic and English
  • Control Panel
  • Responsive with mobile
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Logo design, web application
  • Unlimited number of emails

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