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خدمة تصميم مواقع انترنت وبرمجة مواقع الويب

Web Design

We offer the design of Different websites and websites because the whole world is now speaking in one language, the Internet, so it is programmed with the best encoding and programming languages that are compatible with all the search engines

خدمة تصميم موقع الكترونى لشركة او مؤسسة

Website design for a company

Create a website for your company One of the most important priorities that every company or institution needs in the market Of course, this company needs to continuously develop its services. Therefore, we at Eltamiuz Company We are working on designing distinctive websites

خدمة تصميم هوية تجارية لشركتك

Design business identity

Designing the identity of the company is the most important part of building the company, giving the colors of the brand, and the design that shows the activity and professional touch that remain in the mind of your company’s customers

خدمة تصميم متجر الكتروني لشركتك او مؤسستك

Design of an electronic shop

We own a special team Learn all the market needs in stores and we’ll help you design a professional store to show your products and services

خدمة برمجة وتصميم متاجر الكترونية

Electronic shop programming

We offer software for the best of the latest technologies, because we have the best programmers to make code easy to modify them and add,
We produce electronic stores that move you to another level of success

خدمة تصميم تطبيقات الجوال والهواتف الذكية اندرويد و IOS

Mobile Application Design

We can convert Your idea for an application running on the Android and iPhone system, starting with planning, execution and advertising, ensures you can apply to compete in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

خدمة تصميم صحف الكترونية، تصميم مواقع اخبارية، تصميم مجلات الكترونية

Design of electronic newspapers

Electronic newspapers are one of the most popular sites on the web,Through our experience in different content management systems, we have provided our customers with an electronic newspaper

خدمة تصميم موقع مثل حراج

Design a site like a Haraj site

Due to the spread of electronic commerce has become haraj site of the forest of global sites, the possession of a haraj site such as forestry is one of the easiest ways to make a profit, so the company of excellence offers offers haraj

خدمة استضافة مواقع واستضافة سحابية

Web hosting services

We offer shared web hosting services for individuals and corporate web hosting.

خدمة تصميم موقع لشركتك من مؤسسة التميز

Features Website Design Of Eltamiuz Company

Did you know that designing your site has a greater impact on its success?
For this reason, the company is interested in producing the best designs with new ideas and high technology
We take care of the designs of our customers and attention to detail

  • The best company that offers superior designs and customer service
  • Attractive and harmonious blues designs
  • New and varied design ideas for your site to be unique and unique
  • Combine dazzling design with simple size that gives speed in loading

Features Design of a mobile application from the company excellence

Design and programming of smart mobile applications for Android and iPhone for companies, individuals and institutions with high quality and control panel for each application as needed
We also make professional applications for mobile systems and companies from the right design of the idea to the programming and strong performance and high attention to the ongoing updates to maintain the success of the application after being uploaded to the Google market or Apple Store

  • Use the best and latest software technologies in the work of modern applications
  • Best prices for Android and iPhone applications
  • Provide software tools and features that give the customer convenience and ease of use.
  • Easy modification and addition of software
تصميم تطبيق الجوال والهاتف للاندرويد وال ios لشركتك من مؤسسة التميز

Our Projects

New Star Company

lmona House Establishment

Saudi Job Central

Sayidaty Mall Application

Website design for a company

Edu Plan‏ Application

Mobile Application

Meem Station Application

Mobile Application

Moll Sayidaty Application

Mobile Application

Montgeen Application

Mobile Application

Feed and Transport Application

Mobile Application


Hijaz Farms Corporation

Passing Road for Asphalt and Oils

Wif For furniture Store

Mwail For Real Estate & Construction

Website design for a company

Bosra Al Harir

متجر النصر للاكسسوارات

Alnasr Accessories Store

Emdad Security Systems

Website design for a company

خدمة تصميم متجر الكترونى - متجر أناقة

Elegance Store

تصميم متاجر إلكترونية، متجر أبدا الشراء

Start Buying

Construction and Repair Buildings

Website design for a company

تصميم موقع ويب لمؤسسة قصر المنامة للمقاولات

Qasr Almanama Company

مؤسسة اسكان التقنيه للمظلات والسواتر

Eskan Eltegnyah Company

تصميم موقع مؤسسة ريمه ماطر للمظلات والسواتر

Rima Matar Company

Action Steps


We will start implementation as soon as you agree on the requirements and time frame that suits you


The Test

We will test every detail of the project to make sure that all your applications have been fully implemented.



We launch the project to work after you are fully satisfied that your success is part of our success.


After Delivery

After continuous delivery delivery and technical support for a full year free from Corporation Eltamiuz


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