Personal Website Design

Personal Website Design

Personal Website Design, Having your own personal website is the best way to connect your audience, as well as keeping your thoughts, writing your resume and your communication tools, as well as placing Google Adsense ads to make profit from your site, not just your definition of you.

Personal Website Design Features

تصميم موقع شخصى بشكل احترافي ومميز

Professional and distinctive design

Design your store professionally and distinguished and the colors are modern and suitable with the activity of the site.

نقدم لك موقع شخصى بتصميم متجاوب

Responsive site design

The site is designed and coined to show your location through the mobile in a simple and easy to browse for mobile devices, which helps to browse the site from everywhere and at all times.

واظهار السيرة الذاتية بموقعك الشخصى


The possibility of presenting a biography with special features showing the personality of the writer and through the control panel change the content and add experiences.

قسم يعرض الكتب والمؤلفات بموقعك الشخصى

library books

A section that displays books and books and can be viewed by the visitor through the site or uploaded to the device and you can create sections with an unlimited number.

عرض مقالات الموقع سواء كانت مقالات للشخص او مقالات عامة بموقعك الشخصى

Writing articles

Here you will find the articles of the site whether they are articles for the person or public articles and you can create sections in unlimited number with a distinctive and attractive presentation.

خاصية عرض نبذة تعريفية عن بموقعك الشخصى

About you

In this section you can present a profile about yourself and you can share it via social media.

خاصية نظام البحث بموقعك الشخصى

Search system

Advanced search system where the visitor can browse your site and search it with a special search system by the name of the post and the section of the post and history.

خاصية وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي بموقع شركة المقاولات

Social media

Add all social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube … and more.

صفحة مميزة بها بيانات الشركة ومعلومات الاتصال بموقع المقاولات

call us

Special page to facilitate the communication of customers and visitors with the management of the site through the form contact us.

اضافة خريطة للموقع لتحديد مكان الشركة ومقرها بموقعك الالكترونى

Add Site Map

Add a map to the site to locate a company based and easily accessible.

مراعاة SEO والـ CSS بالموقع الالكترونى لشركة المقاولات

Consider SEO and CSS

Are considered in the design and programming to be more visible in the global search engines, taking into account also that your site is light in loading and fast in the browsing using modern methods and advanced cutting and installation.

ميزة التدريب على لوحة التحكم بموقع الويب لشركة المقاولات

Training on the control panel

Send a complete explanation of how to use the site and training it and send a video tutorial also.

Other features of a personal website design

  • The possibility of adding your own articles to each category will appear in your main blog in a neat and wonderful way
  • A sophisticated search system where a visitor can browse your blog and search it using a unique search system by post name, post section, and history
  • You can add unlimited posts easily through a control panel and can be posted via the main blog or installed in the homepage for a specified period
  • Visitors to your own site or blog can share your posts and articles via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites
  • Visitors or members of your personal site can reply to your posts and you can reply to them by agreeing to comment or no comment from the person or member
  • The ability to register members of your site you can through the control panel to open this property or you can close the registration and open the site for visitors only
  • Important Links This service is provided by the site to visitors important sites placed on the site to be marketed through the site
  • Through this feature, the visitor can conduct a visitor’s survey with the possibility of adding survey options to a large number
  • Programming sections of the various ad spaces in more than one place in the site in the home page and the internal pages and you can through those advertising spaces subscribe Google Adsense and profit through those ads also
  • Take a backup of the database to ensure that the data is saved.
  • The ability to add moderators to the control panel and determine the permissions of each admin add, edit and delete
  • An Arab technical support team is available 24 hours a day at the company Eltamiuz and you can communicate with them through a dedicated customer service center or to speak directly
مميزات تصميم موقع شخصي من مؤسسة التميز

Action Steps


We will start implementation as soon as you agree on the requirements and time frame that suits you


The Test

We will test every detail of the project to make sure that all your applications have been fully implemented.



We launch the project to work after you are fully satisfied that your success is part of our success.


After Delivery

After continuous delivery delivery and technical support for a full year free from Corporation Eltamiuz


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