Islamic Website Design

Islamic Website Design

Islamic Website Design, Eltamiuz offers an interactive, interactive Islamic website featuring audio and video, speeches and lessons, a section of articles, a section of songs, a section of Bible lessons, a library section, an Islamic section.

Islamic Website Design Features

خدمة تصميم موقع إسلامي مميز

Special Design

Design your store professionally and distinguished and the colors are modern and suitable with the activity of the site.

موقع اسلامى متجاوب مع جميع المتصفحات

Responsive with all browsers

The site is designed and coined to show your location through the mobile in a simple and easy to browse for mobile devices, which helps to browse the site from everywhere and at all times.

خاصية عرض الدروس والخطب اليومية فى قسم خاص بالموقع الاسلامى

Speeches and lessons

A special section to view and view daily sessions and speeches.

خاصية وجود قسم خاص للمقالات بالموقع الاسلامى


A special section for articles to view the latest articles and find out what is new on the site.

خاصية الصوتيات بجميع انوعها بالموقع الاسلامى

Audio library

This section displays all types of audio and you can create sections within the audio library in an unlimited number such as the section of the Koran and the Department of songs and section of the claim.

قسم مكتبة الكتب الاسلامية بالموقع الاسلامى

Islamic Book Library

A section that displays Islamic books and can be viewed by the visitor through the site or uploaded to the machine and you can create sections of an unlimited number such as science Quran and biography and history and general books.

قسم يعرض الادعية والاذكار بموقعك الاسلامى

Supplications and Supplications

The section displays the dedications and the user can view them easily by choosing the section.

قسم مميز لمكتبة الفيديوهات فى الموقع الاسلامى

Video Library

A special channel is created on Youtube, in addition to the video, in addition to a great possibility. You can add videos by uploading video from the device such as speeches, lessons, and so on.

قسم لعرض فتاوى تفيد الزوار بالموقع الاسلامى


Here is a fatwa that benefits the visitors and is presented in a distinctive and attractive display style and you can create sections with unlimited number.

الكلمات الدليلية


When you add any news, you can add your own tags or related words, which helps to archive the news on global search sites, increase your visibility and attract more visitors.

وجود اقسام بعدد غير محدود لموقعك الاسلامى

Unlimited sections

Through the control panel you can add unlimited sections and you can also control their appearance on the home page and arranged by Islamic news, fatwas, supplications, and more.

موقع اسلامى احترافى ومراعاة SEO والـ CSS

Consider SEO and CSS

Are considered in the design and programming to be more visible in the global search engines, taking into account also that your site is light in loading and fast in the browsing using modern methods and advanced cutting and installation.

Other features of Islamic site design

  • Live broadcast of the Koran through the site.
  • Hajj and Umrah guide Here is a guide to Hajj and Umrah.
  • Prayer Times The prayer schedules here are shown for all countries individually and programmed at the highest level of professionalism.
  • Accurate statistics for the entire site in terms of the number of visitors and countries most visited and also the most visited periods and the work of a chart of visitors to the site.
  • Take a backup of the database to ensure that the data is saved.
  • Arabic control panel for easy site control.
  • Sections of the number of non-final number.
  • Speeches and lessons.
  • Islamic books.
  • Proclaims and memorabilia.
  • Video Library.
تصميم موقع اسلامى من مؤسسة التميز

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