Electronic shop programming

Electronic shop programming

Programming electronic stores is one of the best services provided by the Foundation of Excellence, because we rely on the programming of electronic stores from scratch and provides the store with all the features and features you need in your store, in addition to the programming of electronic stores facilitate the modification and development in your store in the future. We are in the organization of excellence in the design of your store according to the rules of engines to help your customers to find your products through the speed of archiving the site so that you get all the powers to put words and phrases with each product and each section of the site as well as alternative text images of products to tell search engines that you exist and that you are looking for Your customers.

Programming features of electronic stores


Multiple sellers

Add multiple sellers where sellers can display their products in your shop because of the commission transferred on the account number of the owner of the site


Full Control Panel

Create a special control panel to manage all the contents of the site such as control pages, sections and lists without the need for previous experience and declarations and give powers to managers


Special programming

We provide you with special programming for your site according to your needs. We have a team of professional developers with the highest level of accuracy, professionalism and commitment


Merchant Membership

The buyer can register the site and save its data and the possibility of modification at any time and the possibility of selling through the site and display products, and the possibility of purchase also


Buyer Membership

The buyer can register the site and save its data and the possibility of modification at any time and the possibility of purchasing through the site with ease



Private membership of the buyer and membership of the seller and membership of private owners of companies and large enterprises to display their products and services


shopping basket

The buyer adds to the products he wishes to purchase related to the site’s payment gateway that you can link to any company that offers electronic payment service


deal of the day

This section presents daily deals for the site and this section attracts visitors always and is followed daily by members


Corporate Membership

This membership is for companies and large enterprises and can register in your store and have a special control panel to display its products in a sub-shop of your main store


Electronic payment

You can receive money from customers from the sale of your site by linking the site multiple payment portals


Shipping Methods

Add more than one way to shipping methods and choose the appropriate customer for him, and support all electronic shipping companies such as Aramex and others


Discount Coupons

Make discount coupons that help you attract customers and achieve more sales. All stores we design will add a discount coupon to the product you select or choose.


After-sales service

We provide you with the support and consultation that will help you to manage your store perfectly. We offer you marketing plans and strategies that grow in the store and make it profitable for you.


Control and training

We offer a detailed explanation of how to use the online store control panel, explain how to add products and sections, and train them to make sure you can easily manage your store.


Evaluation System

An evaluation of the products displayed on the store and the views of customers and can be through the control panel to delete the comment or stay within the product

Other features we offer are programming electronic stores to advance for the better

  • Unique and attractive designs for electronic shops in a smooth and distinctive way.
  • Compatibility of electronic stores with all browsers and all devices such as iPhone, tablets and different types of screens.
  • Strong and complete protection of e-commerce files and comprehensive encryption of passwords, user information and all data entered in the store.
  • Linking electronic stores with more than one method of buying (payment on receipt – purchase by Visa or Mastercard – Paypal.
  • Add the automatic shipping cost of the purchase invoice by country and the weight or number of the store control panel.

Action Steps


We will start implementation as soon as you agree on the requirements and time frame that suits you


The Test

We will test every detail of the project to make sure that all your applications have been fully implemented.



We launch the project to work after you are fully satisfied that your success is part of our success.


After Delivery

After continuous delivery delivery and technical support for a full year free from Corporation Eltamiuz


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