Real estate site design

Real estate site design

Real estate site designو If you have a real estate marketing office, a real estate investment company, or want to create a real estate site, visitors are allowed to show their properties whether for rent or property, and also to receive requests from those who are looking for properties to view on the site, , Where you can easily manage your business and control the sections of the site, and the addition of offers and requests to the site by regions and cities, which contributes to the development of your business and expand the base of your customers and achieve more success in your work.

Real estate Website Design Features

خدمة تصميم موقع الكترونى مميز لشركة عقارات بالسعودية

Special design

Design your site professionally and distinctly, and the colors are modern and suitable with the activity of the site

ميزة قسم أخبار الشركةبموقعك العقارى

Company News

This section displays the latest news of the company, which helps customers to follow the new company and you can also create sub-sections with unlimited number

قسم مميز لمعرض لصور العقار بالموقع العقارى

Photo Gallery

A photo gallery to display pictures of the company’s services and activities in the form of animated images reflecting the company’s objectives

خاصية عروض عقارية بموقع الشركة العقارى

Real Estate Offers

The possibility of adding real estate offers in a very professional way to be a distinct problem and you can through the management panel to control the presentations and others that you want to appear in the main

خاصية البحث عن عقار بموقع الويب لشركة العقارات

Search for a property

Add advanced search system to search for the type of land or apartments Sawa Apartments for rent or ownership to facilitate searches more

ميزة أقسام عقارية بعدد غير محدود لشركتك

Unlimited real estate sections

Add an infinite number of real estate and miscellaneous sections and the emergence of small icons indicate the type of property houses, apartments or land

خاصية اضافة نظام التصنيفات بالموقع العقارىل شركتك

Add Categories

The possibility of classified ads by province, city or district

خاصية وجود خريطة لتحديد عنوان العقار بموقع شركتك العقارية

Location Map

Add a Google thread to determine the address of the property for easy identification and facilitate the sale

خاصية التعليق على الوحدات المعروضة بموقع العقارات

Comment on the units

Evaluate the units displayed on your site and the views of customers and through the control panel can delete the comment or stay within the advertisement

ميزة العلامة المائية لموقعك العقارى

Watermark Properties

Adding watermarking on the image of the advertisement to save the rights of the site can be activated and stopped through the control panel

خاصية وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي بموقع شركة المقاولات

Social media

The possibility of sharing ads on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter

امكانية حجز مساحة من الاستضافة مناسبة مع موقعك و دومين من اختيارك لموقعك العقارى


Book a space of suitable hosting with your location and the domain of your choice

Other advantages of designing a real estate site

  • Control the appearance of ads directly or with the management’s review first and approve their appearance.
  • The ability to display in-house videos from global video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo
  • Ad banners in different places of the Google Adsense site.
  • Compatible real estate sites with all browsers and all smart devices.
  • And many more features that you need to explore yourself.
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