About Us

About Us

Eltamiuz company is the leading company in Saudi Arabia and Arab regions specialized in websites design for individuals and companies, design of business identities, design of electronic stores, mobile applications, design of electronic newspapers & stores and also offers a cloud hosting sites.‎

مؤسسة الرائدة علي مستوي المملكة والوطن العربي في تصميم مواقع الانترنت للافراد والشركات


Providing a distinguished service to its customers, especially the after-sales service, especially in mobile applications and smart phones, in addition to the systems online, where you need technical support is distinct and for the service of developing the Internet sites is increasing interest to our customers and distinctly and we witness the archive sites and designs on it.

Innovation and service development

providing sophisticated and modern Arabic digital content services especially in web programming and application design to compete globally in the market and attract the highest rates of visits and views of this content,
The company always strives to reach the highest degree of professionalism in its projects to satisfy the wishes and aspirations of its customers and achieve the desired practical goal of the sites and applications on which the company works and also to earn a good reputation to help them to upgrade and develop in the provision of services

Satisfaction of our customers

Customer satisfaction and making this policy is the main task in our relationship with our customers by providing the best solutions and technologies. The company also aims to provide its services in a distinctive manner and complete the projects assigned to it in a developed and unique kind of latest developments in the science of design and programming in its modern form.

Why Choose Eltamiuz for Web Design and Applications

Analysis and planning

Professional in transforming customer ideas into successful applications, planning and studying the entire project

Speed and professionalism

We work at Eltamiuz Company with high speed and professionalism to provide the best service

Creativity designing

Creativity in web design, applications and distinctive designs make you the best among your competitors

Marketing plans

E-marketing and website design in the search engines and the rapid spread and publicity


The work is based on a creative team of designers and programmers to bring out the sites and applications in the most complete picture

Technical support 24 hours

We offer 24-hour technical support, as well as one year technical support free of charge

Action Steps


We will start implementation as soon as you agree on the requirements and time frame that suits you


The Test

We will test every detail of the project to make sure that all your applications have been fully implemented.



We launch the project to work after you are fully satisfied that your success is part of our success.


After Delivery

After continuous delivery delivery and technical support for a full year free from Corporation Eltamiuz


Send A Message

Now you can easily write your e-mail and mobile number and send us your inquiry or request. We will reply to you in less than 60 minutes or contact us directly.

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